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What is the Untapped Talent Program?

The Untapped Talent Program is a paid employment program that supports neurodiverse trainees and the employer organisation hosting them.  The program has been developed over 10 years and is research based.

Trainees are employed on fixed term contracts with Untapped for the duration of their time in the program.

The program has supported more than 200 neurodivergent trainees to gain the technical, workplace and life skills needed start independent careers in Australia, the United Kingdom, Poland, Bulgaria and the Philippines.


Trainees have learned the skills to start careers in areas such as:


  • Cybersecurity 

  • Software Testing

  • Data Analytics

  • Software Development

  • Business analysis

  • Project Management Office

  • Hardware build and test

  • UX

  • Insurance claims processing

  • Engineering

A triangle showing the components of the Untapped Talent Program
A picture of a person smiling
A picture of a person smiling

The program assesses, supports and trains neurodivergent people who demonstrate aptitude and motivation to perform roles that Untapped’s customers wish to train and recruit. 


People commence the program as trainees learning skills while performing the customer’s work.


Individualised Support – the program provides dedicated specialised support consultants.  The consultants support trainees and colleagues and mentors in the employer organisation to better understand how to work together.


Program Framework – we have spent 10 years honing a framework to provide individualised learning for a trainee to become confident and successful in the workplace.


Transition Planning – we help trainees transition from the Untapped program into the employer organisation as a permanent employee.



Traditional hiring methods and interviews are a barrier to employment for many neurodivergent people. We have developed an assessment process to determine if applicants are motivated and able to perform the roles that employer organisations offer.


Untapped do not interview program applicants!

A process map show the stages of engagement into the Ubtapped Talent Program

The key stages in the engagement or assessment process are:

Attraction and Registration – we approach the community, families, support services and educators to find applicants.  Apply on our website by telling us some details about yourself and providing us with a cover letter, CV and diagnosis so we know you are eligible for the program.   


Stage 1 - Candidate Selection – candidates who complete their applications are invited to the next stage of the assessment process.


Stage 2 - Information Session – an online info session where candidates and their families or supports can hear about the program and ask questions.


Stage 3 - Pre-assessment – pre-assessment is a 1 to 2 hour online set of exercises that help us understand the candidates that will be suitable for our main 4-day workshop.


Stage 4 - Assessment Workshop – a four-day workshop supported by our consultants that help you learn about yourselves and the workplace. For us we get to know you better and understand more about your potential to do the roles on offer


Stage 5Onboarding – If you are selected to be a part of the program, onboarding engages you into Untapped on a fixed term employment contract.


Also required background checks and any mandatory employer security clearances are started.

Assessment Process

Untapped’s virtual assessment process takes candidates through supported learning and assessment stages designed to determine whether a candidate is motivated and and has the aptitude to perform the role.  We collect various data points that we use to assess the candidate. The assessment is always supported by specialist Untapped autism consultants that are available to the candidates to enable them to perform their best

A process map showing the tasks in the Untapped Assessment Workshop
A picture of a person smiling
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