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Untapped Neurodiversity Consultants

An important part of the success and sustainability of Untapped’s neurodiversity employment programs is the provision of a Neurodiversity Consultant (NC) working alongside neurodivergent employees. NCs offer confidential and customised one-to-one workplace support, guidance, coaching, counselling, and training to navigate the workplace. NCs have developed an aligned approach to building understanding, support and workplace cohesion, enabling employment success for neurodivergent employees. 

Neurodiversity Consultant's areas of support include:

  • One-to-one customised workplace support

  • Raising awareness of individual thinking and processing styles

  • Workplace accommodations

  • Development of individualised strategies and goals

  • Translating workplace social conventions

  • Awareness & advocacy

  • Building resilience and independence

  • Ongoing coaching and enablement

Be confidently yourself
Be self resilient
  • Understanding your neurodivergence

  • Improve acceptance of self

  • Perception management - owning your 'brand'

  • Building self-esteem and valuing self

  • Understanding and embracing strengths

  • Having a 'growth' mindset

  • Allowing success

  • Strong sense of self and capacity to navigate relationships

  • How to drive your life journey (including  self determination and self-advocacy)

  • Receiving feedback for growth

  • Dealing with change

Have Good Wellbeing
A head with dots all around it
Be well supported
  • Feel safe Financial, physical presentation, mental health, socially integrated, physical health, work/life balance

  • Managing social exhaustion

  • Healthy sleep hygiene

  • Managing diet and physical health

  • Managing frustration levels

  • To achieve life goals

  • To move out of home and live independently

  • To access and use NDIS

  • To increase support in your life

  • To learn to drive

Be a Confident communicator
  • Respectful communication

  • Able to articulate workplace needs

  • Good written and verbal communication skills for different contexts

  • Capacity to say “I am skilled in this area” or be able to say “ I want to be skilled in this area”

  • Two-way communication

  • Appropriate use of humour

  • Appropriate electronic communication

Be a sophisticated problem solver
  • Being able to say “I don’t know” or "I need help"

  • How to navigate bullying in the workplace, how to use workplace policies

  • Conflict resolution skill development

  • Starting, joining and exiting conversations

  • Handling physical and cyber bullying

  • Knowing who and when to ask questions

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