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Bringing together organisations passionate about the integration of neurodivergent individuals in the workplace.


Creating a sustainable neurodiverse employment ecosystem


Realising Untapped Talent

Creating Opportunities for independence

The identification of this untapped talent will be achieved via a growing neurodiversity hub community of practice and other partnerships and, in conjunction with world-leading partners, by applying cutting-edge testing and assessment techniques. The sustainability of these programmes will be supported by world-leading training and support, underpinned by an on-line / mobile suite of training and support tools.

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WayPoint is Untapped’s portal designed to provide employment program applicants, their families and Untapped’s customers information about the program’s activities and the next steps they need to take to apply to join the program

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Untapped's WayPoint portal is a dynamic meeting ground for neurodivergent individuals seeking employment and skill enhancement, and for visionary organisations committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace.


WayPoint isn't just a starting point; it's a continuous partner, guiding both individuals and organisations through every stage of their employment and educational journey with Untapped.
At its heart, WayPoint aims to empower individuals with the tools they need for a rewarding career and an enriching life.



JP Morgan Chase completed a side-by-side comparison of a neurodiverse team with a neurotypical team, which indicated the neurodiverse team achieved 48% higher productivity.

The 30 participants in the DXC Dandelion Programme in software-testing roles at Australia’s Federal Government Department of Human Services have demonstrated 30% higher productivity over other teams.

A study by Curtin University in 2016, found that employing autistic adults benefited employees, employers and their organisations without incurring additional costs.

In March 2014, the Wall Street Journal reported that 85% of autistic people in the US are unemployed or underemployed and 60% of them have cognitive abilities at or above those of neurotypical people.

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Untapped & Waypoint
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